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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionVideo courtesy of Julius Nielsen Greenland sharks are now the longest-living vertebrates known on Earth, scientists say. Researchers used radiocarbon dating to determine the ages of 28 of the animals, and estimated that one female was about years old. The team found that the sharks grow at just 1cm a year, and reach sexual maturity at about the age of The research is published in the journal Science. Lead author Julius Nielsen, a marine biologist from the University of Copenhagen , said: But if invertebrates are brought into the longevity competition, a year-old clam called Ming holds the title of most aged animal. Slow swimmers Greenland sharks are huge beasts, that can grow up to 5m in length.

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Construction of the skimmer was supervised at Kvichak Marine in Seattle by representatives of APS, and the vessel was delivered early, in less than 10 weeks from contract execution. Powered by twin hp outboards, the skimmer is capable of a response speed of over 17 knots, and a recovered oil capacity of gallons of recovered product.

This highly specialized skimming system is adaptable to a variety of marine spill scenarios and is able to recover a very wide range of spills, from light sheens to thick weathered oils contaminated with debris. The vessels will be in full operation in the ports along the Dutch coast after crew member training.

In an attack that recalled President Trump’s confrontation with journalists, she added:

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Dutch devastate marine life with electric shock fishing

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Long dropped out of college in California in towards the end of a sports degree.

In contrast to the last interglacial marine isotope stage MIS 5 the timing of the penultimate interglacial MIS 7 is poorly constrained. This study constrains its timing and structure by precise U-Th dating of high-resolution delta 18 O records from aragonite-rich Bahamian slope sediments of ODP Leg Sites and The major glacial-interglacial cycles in delta 18 O are distinct within these cores and some MIS 7 substages can be identified.

Twenty-nine of the 41 samples measured have a delta U value close to modern seawater suggesting that they have experienced little diagenesis. Ages from 27 of the 41 samples were deemed reliable on the basis of both their U and their Th isotope ratios. Ages generally increase with depth, although we see a repeated section of stratigraphy in one core. Extrapolation of constant sedimentation rate through each substage suggests that the peak of MIS 7e lasted from similar to to ka and that 7c began at ka.

This timing is consistent with existing low precision radiometric dates from speleothem deposits. The beginning of both these substages appears to be slightly later than in orbitally tuned timescales. The end of MIS 7 is complex, but also appears to be somewhat later than is suggested by orbitally tuned timescales, although this event is not particularly well defined in these cores.

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It is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and up to ten individuals drawn from member companies. A General Meeting takes place each year, to which all full members are invited. Beyond acting as an effective lobbying organisation for the salvage industry, the ISU also works to foster co-operation between members.

In addition, it maintains regular contact and positive relations with regional and national salvage and tug-owning associations. The ISU has an important role as the prime mover in many legal and commercial developments concerning marine salvage.

The cost of oil is the main driver for exploration budgets of operators.

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Dating to around the s, this is a sword to a highly sought-after regiment, though unfortunately not in great cosmetic condition. The sword is all solid and complete, though it has dark patina overall and some areas of light pitting to the steel. Despite this, most of the blade etching is visible and the edge has been service sharpened and shows signs of use and resharpening.

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Among his principle plans, friends say, is to complete a University degree that could take his life in a “completely different direction”. PA It was won earlier this year when Appeal Court judges recognised the battlefield stress he was under and replaced the conviction with a lesser charge of manslaughter, therefore reducing his sentence from life to seven years. Now Blackman will have to adjust to life as a civilian for the first time in 18 years. Before serving three and a half years in prison he spent 15 in the army, completing five tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

He and his wife, a year-old NHS communications manager who he married in , have now spent more of that time apart than together. Despite his experiences, both in the “hell” of the battlefield and in the courtroom, judges heard that he would have loved to return to the forces. He has had to give up on his dream because the they dismissed him, despite senior officers saying it was possible he could return. Marine A, Sgt Alexander Blackman, in pictures That is not to say he is short of job offers, his friends have said, including work as a personal trainer and in the security industry and murmurs of a book deal.

Mr Goldberg QC said: Getty Images But in the mean time, Blackman will relax and focus on his studies, according to Jonathan Davies, who ran the Justice for Marine A campaign. Both Al and Claire are really relaxed, and seeing them together has made the last three and a half years worth it. Al has been enjoying watching TV and they have just been chilling out.

I think there is going to be a lot of champagne drunk over the next few days.

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The Kantar poll currently has the National Front party leader at 45 percent in a second round contest against conservative candidate Francois Fillon. Her popularity drops to 42 percent against centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, who is currently favourite to win. Marine Le Pen pictured has refused to meet with investigating magistrates who are probing allegations of irregularities within her party. The far right leader claimed the timing of the investigation was politically motivated to stop her current successes in the opinion polls The figures come as two former prime ministers have said the anti-EU politician could pick up momentum and steal victory in May.

They say a Le Pen victory could come as a result of the worldwide wave anti-establishment resentment that saw Donald Trump elected US President in November. Former conservative prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said:

Both Al and Claire are really relaxed, and seeing them together has made the last three and a half years worth it.

Fake Soldiers back in October of His latest comment highlighted in point form all the things to look for when you meet someone online who says he or she is in the military. The original meaning remains unchanged. If he says he is military do not trust, especially if he uses a hotmail, yahoo or other free email account address. Ask for his email address ending in. All military folks have one. YES, there are classified email addresses out there but all military personnel also have an unclassified address.

Is he claiming that someone in his family died? Check the social security death index to verify his claims.