Theaters During your visit to northeastern New Mexico,enjoy the scenic beauty while taking part in the many outdoor recreational opportunities along the Santa Fe Trail. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and archeology , shop for antiques , visit a local museum ,library or art gallery , savor a cup of espresso , or enjoy a live performance or movie at one of the many historical theaters along the way. There are many websites which tell the history of the Santa Fe Trail, and although we share a little bit of the history on this website, its main purpose is to give visitors an idea of what there is to see along the trail today. Many communities grew along the Santa Fe Trail in northeastern New Mexico in order to provide goods, services, food, shelter and water to the many wagon trains passing through. As the wagon trains gave way to the railroad, mining and cattle became important to life on the trail. Today, cattle remain, but traveling the highways and byways by automobiles is now the main mode of transportation, and art, recreation and culture are major attractions. In fact, even some of the smallest communities along the Santa Fe Trail boast art studios, galleries and gift shops.

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The boy straddling the elephant’s neck plucks leaves from a branch and places them between his lips, producing a reed instrument to entertain the American tourists he is leading. The elephant ride is a majestic arrival to the ancient Angkor temples worthy of the Hindu kings who ruled this mythical temple city from the 9th to the 15th century.

After being ignored and neglected for decades, the ancient city is gaining broad attention from across the globe now that Cambodia is enjoying peaceful times. It had not been safe to visit this region of Southeast Asia since before the Vietnam War because of land mines and civil strife.

In late summer , Kunz sold his share of the business to Phillips.

At a time when prejudice and segregation ran rampant throughout most of the country, the color line however did not exist for Aunt Emily in her adopted community, and she held a special place of honor and respect there. Aunt Emily Ford was a spry little figure, with toil-scarred hands and a kindly face. Emily was born in North Carolina in Her family was owned by a family named White. The Whites treated their slaves harshly and used them for hard manual labor clearing trees and grubbing out shrubs when they moved to Tennessee.

As was the custom for slave owners, when Mr. Emily was two years older than her new mistress, and the two had shared a childhood together. Because of this familiarity, Emily found herself in a much more hospitable environment in her new home. Emily served as a cook in the Farmer household.

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He was president of the. I started his business career in Boston j” Dr. Henson came to Coffeyville and at a wholesale dry goods house. A meeting of a i of the Boston office of the Pennsyl-” committee representing these various yania road.

These nails have a large E in the center with the two digits of the date flanking the E.

Bill Fitzhugh also ran a grocery store in the “old” town. Pool moved to Valley Mills in , he built a residence on the west bank of the river, across from the “old” town. He also built a steam gin. The engine, boiler and gin stand where hauled from Bremond on ox wagons. In around 1, bales of cotton were ginned at Valley Mills. At this time there were no gins west of the Downing and Pool gins. By the settlers were plowing up more land, planting crops, and building gras- shopper fences around their fields.

A gras- shopper fence, as Gaines describes it, consis- ted of posts spaced eight feet apart and three rails or poles tied to the posts with rawhide strips about one inch wide. Nails, which were twenty-five cents a pound at that time, were too expensive for most early farmers.

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Sold at Skinnes Americana Auction in This set of Chairs circa Sold! D40 19th century embossed man in the moon tin sconce Pennslyvania Sold! D44 Early 20th century hooked rug of a running red Fox, found in Lancaster County pennslyvania, mounted on frame , great condition, beautiful colors D24 New England 19th century Butter Churn with the original green paint,This wooden butter churn is the ‘typical plunger-type butter churn C71 19th century New England black graining against a red ground on all sides including back.

The box is of dovetailed construction Sold! D28 Mid 19th century New England four window lite hanging glass door cupboard, with beautiful old wavie glass, old pewter gray paint, square head nail construction, with two wide board back, circa D42 C An exceptional late 19th or early 20th century Pennslyvania Penny Rug, Beautiful colors and graphic quality.

A separate school is setup for colored children.

In General I am always getting emails asking me what railroad items costs. As much as I would like to be an expert on all things railroad or railroad signal related, I am not! Stuff on this page, all of it, came from EBay on April 21, Unlike other “antiques” you might see on the Antique Road Show, railroadiana is a much more fluid market depending on the interest of a certain item at the time it is offered for sale.

There is also the “relative” value of an item depending on someone’s sense of historical value, for instance, there was once a simple 3 aspect color light signal for sale on Ebay maybe 10 years ago. The first time he listed the signal, he did not even include a photo of the signal. It did not sell the second time around either. I never followed the auctions to see if he ever offered it again, but obviously, the market is very, very small for a signal collector looking for a signal from a specific depot.

With that said, I present a collection of sales and ads that I have come across to give the reader some idea of what you can expect to pay. The first batch come from the Discover Live Steam website. The majority of the remainder of the listings were found on EBay. Some of the prices for this stuff I feel are good, some I feel are excessive Again, these are just my opinion!

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It sat right next to the railroad tracks, close enough that passing trains actually shake the building, and it was full of hidden vintage charm, including lots of exposed brick and original woodwork. The Carrolls decided to partner with their two daughters — year-old Mallory, who runs Signpast, and daughter Molly, who owns her own hair salon in Arkansas City.

They started dreaming and designing in their minds, discussing their plans over family dinners.

At 12, she became one of the youngest violinists in the history of the Civic Orchestra.

Thereafter, Mormons took trains from Omaha to three different railheads. The Iowa portion was used by the pioneers in , by a few companies from Keokuk in , and by seven handcart companies in Furthermore, the segment of the original pioneer trail of between Drakesville, Davis County, and Garden Grove, Decatur County, may have been used but once or twice, because it was too far south and too close to Missouri, where the Mormons had been persecuted in the s.

At Drakesville, shorter variants more to the north originated. The handcarters followed the trail in Iowa only from what is now Lewis, in Cass County. Four time periods will be treated in this study: Between , the Mormons generally went west in wagon trains organized at different points of departure. Between , they experimented with handcarts.

Thereafter, during the years , the Mormons switched to large ox-team church trains sent out from Salt Lake City to haul emigrants and freight west. And, finally, during , they came by “rail and trail.

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Luke must make a choice. Does he acquiesce to the blackmailer and save his reputation and the agency he spent years building? Each page pulls you deeper into alluring characters and a complex plot revolving around the fascinating worlds of advertising, real estate, and politics.

In the Fall, those winds can hit speeds of 60 mph, or more.

This time Caleb may be outnumbered. Only one man stands against it—rancher George Cullen. At the request of the town council, Sheriff Caleb York rides out to the Bar-O to reason with his old friend. Who will be the next target? To bring a killer to justice, and protect the woman he loves, Caleb York must strap down his Colt. He is the author of a number of popular mysteries, including Quarry, which was adapted into a Cinemax original crime drama series.

In addition to writing, Collins is a filmmaker and created the documentary Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane. He lives in Iowa and can be found online at MaxAllanCollins. The year will feature many observances, including a special event at Bouchercon. Mickey Spillane is the legendary crime writer credited with igniting the explosion of paperback publishing after World War II through the unprecedented success of his Mike Hammer novels.