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OK with Kratos, unless you mention the console war His current relationship with the goddess Samus Aran is unknown. She has not returned any of his calls. While some people thought they saw the two of them together and a few swore they had fought together , it later turns out that SPARTAN was not him. He gets along well with Kiritsugu Emiya, for some reason. Maybe it’s because they sound similar? They only started getting along after Halo 4 came out, though.

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Maddie, who was left in a critical but stable condition was a passenger in a Polaris off-roading vehicle that flipped over as part of a hunting trip in Kentwood, Louisiana, TMZ reported on Sunday. Maddie spent ‘several minutes submerged underwater’ and was unconscious when help arrived, according to the outlet. Scroll below for video Tragic times: The child was reportedly hurt in an ATV accident Sunday, though details were still unclear.

Christian Shaw is buried in the graveyard at Erskine Parish Church.

Renfrewshire information pages Listed below are details on history and points of interest. All towns and villages in the current county of Renfrewshire are listed. If you are having trouble finding something specific, or looking for a specific name, please use the search box at the top of the left-hand index column. This search engine will check www. Please note, if you are searching two or more words eg.

Bill Smith, place the words inside quotation marks eg. Note that some war memorial name lists have first and last names listed while some have initial and surname only. The area is centred on the council-built tenements, although some late Victorian buildings exist along the western end of Seedhill Road.

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Son of William Spiers and Jane Stewart. Born 22 March Died 8 April in the USA.

His last residence was located at East 10th St.

Christopher Schwarz February 1, The first time someone showed me a photo of an infill handplane, it was bewilderment at first sight. All I could see were a bunch of odd lumps of wood and some steel. This was years before both the Internet and modern toolmakers made this form of tool a common sight in workshops again.

Like Lampert, I preferred the planes made by Spiers of Ayr over the other makers. Stewart Spiers and his family know a fair curve. But buying a Spiers was something that was out of reach for a newspaperman. Flash forward 17 years or more and I got the opportunity to buy an early Spiers smoothing plane for a price that even a writer can afford. This plane has clearly seen a lot of work during the last years, and it has a another four of five generations of life left in it.

While I enjoy fixing up planes OK, I much prefer woodworking. Fixing up a tool like this is more of a public service for the woodworking community than a passion of mine. This is usually not as big a deal as when you have a Bailey-style plane or wooden-bodied plane with a bed error. The monstrous lever cap will usually hold the iron in position.

The biggest problem with this Spiers was another typical problem:

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Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card 2. After each auction David Stanley will pack and dispatch purchases made by bidders by suitable methods in accordance with their instructions. David Stanley Auctions have absolute discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots or to withdraw any lot from the sale, to refuse bids, regulate bidding or to cancel the sale without in any case giving any reason, or without any previous notice.

Any instructions given to the Auctioneers over the telephone, by fax or through the internet are accepted at the vendors or prospective buyers risk and must, be confirmed in writing. David Stanley Auctions act only as agents for the vendor. At his discretion, the auctioneer may bid on behalf of the vendor for all goods which are being offered, subject to reserve or otherwise.

Whenever possible I like to saw the timber out of the best piece of boxwood, getting the grain as even as I can for the infill.

Issue date April 26th June 28th, in Copenhagen. September 6, June 28, , Inventor. Christian Olsen and Anna Dorothea Olsdatter. The mother later married Blacksmith Eric Rasmussen in Faaborg, with whom Brandt learned the trade of a blacksmith. When in his twenties, he went to Copenhagen, later Sweden and Russia, where in Petrograd, he got lucrative work in precision engineering. Here he constructed the first practical usable type setting machine. During a multiyear stay in Europe he got his machine marketed in Germany with the company E.

From here and from Denmark the machine was distributed to other countries. In Brandt founded a factory for the machine and other items. In he sold the factory to another Dane and lived from his fortune. In he moved to Copenhagen where he passed away. Note that Brandt was dovetailing the top or sides of the plane to the sole in a similar manner as the British and Scottish plane makers, such as those made by Norris or Spiers.

Brandt was the first to introduce the adjustable mouth to this type of plane, but this a copy of an earlier model with a fixed mouth.

These iconic planes are flying low over Exeter this morning

However with all the bad weather coming within days of each other you could be confused in wondering what is happening and when. Is Cornwall getting the brunt of Storm Caroline? File photo The answer to most of these questions is no. Read More Storm Caroline will primarily be over Scotland today with a series of gales and rain battering much of Western Isles, the Northern Isles and the majority of mainland Scotland from Oban to Aberdeen.

The storm will then subside tonight as it moves to the east.

Catalogue of “Yankee” tools ice cream freezers etc.

To me it seemed quite obvious that Max was murdered. Max was interesting to listen to. His information seemed obfuscated by layers of truth — Truth that could be viewed through different lenses. Just when I thought I got it, I peeled another layer and saw the info through a different lense. He admitted many times to being abused and to being fractured and mind controlled.

Many sites have the dates and names wrong. The reason I can write about Max with some confidence is because I have diligently listened to every single one of his interviews multiple times—even the ones in Polish. In fact I googled his name everyday in search of any new updates prior to his death. I have to listen to the info multiple times. Some additional important information that has emerged since I wrote the first post on his death: This is what I was suggesting in July—that this dead body may not actually be Max and Max may not even be dead.

He also insisted that she not involve his ex girlfriend year-old Sarah Adams according to Miles Johnson. The policeman sent to get Max to hospital was refused and sent away and has suffered an accident and will not be available to talk to anyone for at least 6 months. Vanessa told The Daily Mail:

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My Photos Cms 83 sorry I didn’t answer your post sooner to many things on the go. The leather on a chisel handle is a thing for the user to decide whether to include or not, its supposed to act as a shock absorber. I never fit leather to any handles that I fettle,I think it is a personal choice thing, if it is what you want then go with it.

A plane is no better than its cutter.

There was much fierce competition between these two companies — they made very similar products and used very similar names for their products. I doubt there was much love lost between them! The term edge tools also includes razors and here is a lovely example of an old fashioned cut throat razor with an ivory clad cover by the Robert Marples company.

Note their beehive trademark in the middle picture, repeated on the original box in the bottom picture. Subsequent generations of the family, all bearing the name Joseph successively took the company forward. Perhaps Robert was not easy to get on with as his brother William left their partnership. I doubt that we will ever know.

Spiers Dovetailed Smoothing Plane (Early)

How do you know what Stanley plane you have or what the value is? Well right here of course! We have a lot of information on the various Stanley planes and thier care and usage. Want to buy or sell a Stanley plane?

All these I did on test and was duly passed!

Well, they’re so weird that there’s a new branch of the military in the works called the “Space Force. And by that I mean I figured all the toys they’ve been working on out in the Nevada desert would stay in the black until conditions necessitated their unveiling. Goes to show what I know. Or maybe conditions have necessitated their unveiling. I mean, how would we know? The news media doesn’t tell us the truth about anything important and I doubt the cut-rate semi-slave labor toiling away in MSM salt mines would even know how to ask the right questions in the first place.

For my part, I connected those weird birds out at Groom Lake with the election and its aftermath, connected to Hillary and her chums lifting the old Laurence Rockefeller cudgel and sticking their noses in the Secret Space boys’ business. Didn’t really go as planed. Pentagon sources are seeding their favorite news outlets with leaks claiming Russia and China are far ahead of the US when it comes to space weaponry, or rather, orbital weaponry.

Given the immense disparities in defense allocations between the US and the rest of the world combined, I’m having a bit of trouble with that story. And we’re getting the usual rash of clickbait garbage in response to the announcement, usually in the form of opinionizing from celebrities Jim effin’ Carrey? Off the top of my head I’d have to say no, but I gave up trying to figure that guy and this Administration out a long time ago. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence does.

Stanley double end block plane, adjustable

The First Wood Planes Archeologists in Italy discovered the first known woodworking planes used by the Romans as they explored the excavations of Pompeii and its sister city Herculaneum. Destroyed by the volcano’s eruption that spanned two days, it covered the cities with more than 60 feet of pumice and ash. These extant tools are housed in museums. One such example is this Roman wood plane which was recovered from the Pompeii ruins. This ancient woodworking tool, which measures Although there have been some examples found of Roman planes that have iron sole plates riveted to the wooden bodies, most Roman planes were constructed of an iron cutter with a wooden body, push bar and wedge.

In seven stained-glass windows were added.

A groin vault viewed from the underside, showing the arris or ‘groin’. Plan of a groin vault from above showing resultant outward thrust. Groin vault from above. So far, all the vaults mentioned have been barrel vaults, which, when not built underground, required continuous walls of great thickness to resist their thrust; the earliest example of the next variety, the intersecting barrel vault, is said to be over a small hall at Pergamum , in Asia Minor , but its first employment over halls of great dimensions is due to the Romans.

The width of these aisles being only about 13 feet 4. The rings relieved the centering from the weight imposed, and the two layers of bricks carried the concrete till it had set. In the tepidaria of the Thermae and in the basilica of Constantine , in order to bring the thrust well within the walls, the main barrel vault of the hall was brought forward on each side and rested on detached columns, which constituted the principal architectural decoration.

In cases where the cross vaults intersecting were not of the same span as those of the main vault, the arches were either stilted so that their soffits might be of the same height, or they formed smaller intersections in the lower part of the vault; in both of these cases, however, the intersections or groins were twisted, for which it was very difficult to form a centering, and, moreover, they were of disagreeable effect: There still exist in Asia Minor and Syria some vaulted halls, generally attached to thermae, which are carried on walls of great thickness.

Another type of vault not yet referred to is that of the Tabularium arcade where the Cloister vault was employed. Rib vault of church Sint-Niklaaskerk in Ghent , Belgium. Top of the rib-vaulted ceiling over the nave of Salisbury Cathedral. Medieval vault in France Main article:

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