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What did i do on the toilet? I took the Browns to the Super Bowl. Because misery loves company! Because if he’s going back to Cleveland he won’t notice a difference! How many Cleveland Browns does it take to win a Super Bowl? Nobody knows and we may never find out!

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By David Wharton Aug 22, 8: Advertisement Meyer, who was initially placed on administrative leave in early August, expressed remorse for waiting until this summer to fire receivers coach Zach Smith despite a history of accusations dating to Drake acknowledged that, for very different reasons, the punishments might anger both fans of the team and people who hoped for something harsher. He will miss what might be considered easily winnable games against unranked Oregon State and Rutgers, followed by a tougher matchup against No.

Offensive coordinator Ryan Day will continue to serve as interim coach. After an alleged incident arose between Smith and his then-wife, Courtney, Meyer said he spoke to the couple but took no further action.

His status is also changed from ‘Resigned’ to “Retired” in keeping with his wishes to “remain a Buckeye for life.

Fulford finished 4-of-9 for 80 yards and two touchdowns. Fulford’s performance overcame the distraction of his arrest after a traffic stop Wednesday. He was taken into custody when Stark County deputies learned he had an active warrant in Florida because he failed to appear in juvenile court for an alleged assault case from the summer of He was released after agreeing to report to Florida to address the warrant in December, after the school semester ends, the Alliance Review reported.

Fulford was not available after the game. The school released a statement: The University has been made aware of the legal matter involving D’Angelo Fulford, which stems from an alleged incident dating back to the summer of , when he was a high school senior in Miramar, Florida. While this matter makes its way through the legal process, his status as an enrolled student and member of the football team remains unchanged.

Following Kenny Wilder’s fumble recovery, the Purple Raiders went on a nine-play drive that ended on Fulford’s 1-yard score for a lead early in the first quarter.

Ohio State football: Washington, O’Neal suspended for first two games

Part of the reason I favored firing Tyronn Lue during the summer was because the Cavs had Drew on their staff. He is a natural replacement for Lue, and his experience and demeanor make him the right fit for the Cavaliers after LeBron James. The Cavs have offered him a raise to coach the team for the rest of the season. But the year-old Drew should be given a contract through the season. Guarantee him the job for this season and next year. You can add some type of team option for

You need to better identify your daily stressors so you can feel more relaxed and be more effective at work and at home.

Wayne Works manufactured the Richmond and Herff-Brooks automobiles under contract. Smith and named after its county of residence, Wayne County, North Carolina. Another unrelated firm was the Wayne Body Corp. The town of Dublin was laid out in and in Caleb W. Witt relocated there from nearby Union County. William and Jane Wyatt Witt. Two years later Witt helped establish the Dublin Academy and along with his brother James and John Whippo built a foundry for manufacturing stoves and other household iron goods.

In addition to step stoves, the Witt brothers also manufactured reaping hooks, scythes, snatches and a novel grain cradle, which dominated the markets to the west for a number of years. Caleb was a minister in the United Brethren Church and he held services in a section of his Dublin foundry until a separate sanctuary was erected in Witt, a former owner. Davis found employment as a clock salesman for Abner T.

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Prepare to be space-napped and taken to the U. Space and NASA program. Completing our tour, we travel north to Hendersonville, TN, for a driving tour of Country Music stars homes, such as Marty Stuart and Roy Orbison and a farm to table dinner. Relax and enjoy the ride as we head south to warmer weather. We overnight at the Drury Inn, dinner will be at the hotel or surrounding restaurants.

This morning we make our way to Huntsville, AL to the U. Our space adventure starts with a self-guided tour of more than 15, artifacts from the space program, including an authentic Saturn V moon rocket and Pathfinder. Take a virtual journey inside a motion-based simulator or experience three times the pull of gravity in the centrifuge!

A quick stop at Harrison Brothers Hardware, a local tradition since Lunch is included at the Alabama Constitution Village, dating back to and celebrating its th anniversary. This afternoon we will tour the Historic Weeden House Museum, home to the 19th century poet and artist, Maria Howard Weeden and experience a little retail therapy at Lowe Mill, a former textile building turned artist center.

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This afternoon we will tour the Historic Weeden House Museum, home to the 19th century poet and artist, Maria Howard Weeden and experience a little retail therapy at Lowe Mill, a former textile building turned artist center.

Beginnings — [ edit ] After early attempts at forming a team in led by future Nebraska governor Chester Hardy Aldrich and , football was ultimately established at the university in Lilley with introducing the sport to the campus. More recent research has challenged that claim, stating that George Cole persuaded Lilley to coach the football team during its first full season that fall.

Just east of historic German Village, the park occupied the north side of Schiller now Whittier between Ebner and Jaeger in what is now Schumacher Place. The weather was perfect, and the crowd cheered loudly. Nonetheless, OSU lost to Wooster, 64—0. Wooster, physically fit for the game, showed OSU that training is critical to winning.

Thus, the tradition of training continues. Over the next eight years, under a number of coaches, the team played to a cumulative record of 31 wins, 39 losses, and 2 ties.

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He befriends outcasts and heals the hurting. He challenges social norms and confronts hypocrisy. He sets sail with fishermen and reasons with religious scholars.

Your last stop of the day is the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This comes after the year-old ‘pregnant’ star showed of her bottom in a bathing suit on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Pretty baby: Khloe looked beautiful with her blonde locks falling down her back and rose-tinted sunglasses on She also talked about what she gives her pals when she stops by their parties in a post titled ‘My 1 Holiday Party Rule. And, if you’re going to their home, you should definitely bring something.

It’s so easy—you could grab a candle or even just a great bottle of wine. The reality TV queen also showed off long red nails that appeared sharp No booze? While Kourtney seemed to be enjoying white wine, it didn’t look like the Strong Looks Better Naked author was in the mood for spirits Chilling at mommy’s house: They were relaxing at Kris Jenner’s mansion in Hidden Hills ‘Even if I’m going just going to one of my family members’ houses, I normally bring something they would enjoy.

Khloe looked beautiful with her blonde locks falling down her back and rose-tinted sunglasses on. The reality TV queen also showed off long red nails that appeared sharp. While Kourtney seemed to be enjoying white wine, it didn’t look like the Strong Looks Better Naked author was in the mood for spirits. Kourtney looked incredible in a black bikini as she sunbathed on Sunday’s episode Luxe up your swimwear in a black velvet bikini like Kourtney Kardashian.

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As if your life needs a coach? I would be the first to admit that the term life coach is a pretty loaded term that might even sound a bit spacious and pretentious to some. Perhaps personal development coaching is a better term for what personal coaching is all about. Increasingly people everywhere are starting to re-evaluate their life’s direction and purpose.

Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer.

News operation[ edit ] WOIO presently broadcasts 34 hours of locally produced newscasts each week with six hours on weekdays, one hour on Saturdays and three hours on Sundays. Unlike most CBS affiliated stations in large and mid-sized markets, the station does not produce a local newscast on Saturday mornings but they do on Sunday mornings. With just months before WJW was due to switch to Fox, there was little time to form a news division from scratch.

WOIO started airing newscasts at 6: One of the first big stories aired on WOIO featured the “glasses cam”, which Dave Barker used to show how he could just walk into a school without being stopped. Emmett Miller left and Gretchen Carlson joined Denise Dufala, creating a two-woman anchor team for its weeknight newscasts. This had rarely been tried in other markets around the nation and had never been tried in Cleveland at the time.

Later that year, WOIO added a weekday morning newscast at 6: Still, WOIO failed to win viewers. The street-level studio concept did not last long in Cleveland, but today this concept is being used by Good Morning America and Today , as well as several television stations in larger markets. This lasted until , when Jack Marschall was brought in to replace Cokely, while still continuing to anchor the The pacing, the look, the style and the language of each newscast took on a dramatically different look and feel.

Ratings improved almost immediately, especially at It premiered in last place, but began to grow steadily and eventually fought for second place with WJW’s Judge Judy which that station bumped in favor of its own 4:

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Last week, it closed down. Fortunately, skipping ahead to the final chapter real quick, they each had new employment before they shut the doors on their 8-month venture. But it’s still a sad ending to what could have been a great story. It was probably a little of both. These are wildly interesting times in the sports “media” business. I put “media” in quotes because there’s no real definition for what constitutes the media any longer.

There’s nothing worth craping on!

Edit In , James “Walnuts” Brown was born to Maya Angelou and Hulk Hogan, the product of a long, tumultuous relationship consisting of arm wrestling, raw beet sandwiches and Cleveland Steamers. Later that year, he turned 25 and conquered Syracuse. During his exit interview from the Big East which actually wasn’t formed for another 14 years, but don’t tell him that , he reaffirmed his lifelong dream of assembling fifty-five grocery-baggers against their will, handing them a freshly killed mammal implanted with an innertube and stitched together with delicious licorice ropes and measuring how long it took them to run forty yards.

Young, bold and innocent, he took the first boat to tropical Cleveland to build upon its lush history of rich, mountainous terrain, radical and empowering political upheavals and revolutionary technological advancements. Upon his arrival, he promptly shotgunned a keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale, unzipped his fly and extinguished the Cuyahoga River , exclaiming, “Gentleman, it’s foosball time. From miles around, ninjas , carnies, wolfmen, zebras , area mayors and PTA heads emerged to witness the spectacle.

As if mesmerized by the entire event, one by one, they enlisted in Brown’s troupe. Legend has it that the first football was made from the hide of a man who suggested the group be called the Fancy Dancy Rainbow Sparklers. We’ll name it after me,” Brown said, and promptly killed and skinned him with a torque wrench. Brown’s Army, as it came to be known, thus began trapsing through the countryside, overusing the fullback, calling draw plays on third and long and earning compliments like, “gritty” and “old school.

Brown had been caught off-guard by their genuinely effeminate behavior they had been known to don the handkerchiefs about their necks and speak with lisps in the offseason.