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The Conservative Protestant Family Traditional rhetoric, progressive practice Excerpted with permission from The Responsive Community , the journal where this essay originally appeared. Excerpts from the book will appear throughout the convention season. Conventional wisdom suggests that evangelical Protestantism is a uniform force for reaction in American life. Indeed, the close ties between conservative Protestants–that is, Protestants who take a high view of the Bible and prioritize evangelism–and the political right give some credence to this view. James Dobson, Gary Bauer, and Pat Robertson, leaders of family ministries and political groups loosely associated with conservative Protestantism, consistently push the Republican Party to stake out conservative stands on social issues. At the grassroots level, white conservative Protestants who make up almost 20 percent of the population have migrated at disproportionate levels to the Republican Party, to the point where they are almost 50 percent more likely than other Americans to identify as Republicans. Conservative Protestantism’s links to political conservatism grow largely out of its more fundamental concern with the preservation of the “traditional”family. The conservative family rhetoric and attitudes issuing from conservative Protestant quarters have prompted a vigorous response from feminists and mainstream media. Patricia Ireland, president of the National Organization of Women, accused the Promise Keepers of being “religious political extremists” bent on keeping women in the “back seat. For instance, Dobson recently wrote that “conservative Christians continue to lose ground in the great civil war of values.

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Belfast man accused of sexually abusing schoolboy he met on Grindr refused bail BelfastTelegraph. The year-old defendant was refused bail amid prosecution claims he may resume contact with a child who thought they were in a relationship. Mr Justice McAlinden also highlighted his alleged failure to notify authorities of new employment at one of the entertainment venues in the city.

He held that releasing the man could create “a very, very high risk of re-offending, potentially involving the sexual exploitation of very young people”. Categorised as a high-risk sex offender, the accused has been granted anonymity due to fears he would commit suicide if named.

My father had moved the whole family to Glencairn, off the infamous Shankill Road.

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Changing Distribution of Protestants in Ireland

One of the best-kept secrets of the Emerald Isle is the vibrant Jewish culture that has flourished in Ireland for hundreds of years. Here are six little-known facts about Jewish Ireland. Historians speculate the Jewish visitors most likely came from the French area of Normandy, which then had a thriving Jewish community.

The 12th Century Calendar of Documents Related to Ireland records a Jewish doctor named Joseph living near Dublin in , and by , there seems to have been a well-established Jewish community in Ireland. When Jews were expelled from England in , it is likely they were forced out of Ireland, as well. Jewish Aid and the Irish Potato Famine The Great Potato Famine — the catastrophic failure of crops in Ireland spanning six years between and — caused the death of over a million people in Ireland.

Collaborating with Dupont they came up with “Swamp Holly Orange”.

This trend is depicted by the following graph [see Appendix A for figures and source]: A number of observations can be made from these figures concerning the Protestant population in the Irish Republic: The relative Protestant population was more or less constant in the period to The relative Protestant population has been declining at a more or less constant rate since These effects have a number of causes: In the period to , the Home Rule movement was gaining momentum, and it began to be clear to Irish people that Home Rule was indeed going to be granted and that the resulting country would have a Republican government.

Many of the Protestants living far from Ulster decided to remain, but in border areas many Protestants decided that it was worth moving house so that when Home Rule took place they would be in part which did not get Home Rule today’s Northern Ireland. This is what the majority of the Protestant reduction between and can be attributed to. This movement of Protestants out of the Irish Free State as the Republic was known in continued after the independence also.

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While not active nationalist supporters, authors who wrote about Irish life and history, such as William Wilde , Whitley Stokes , Standish James O’Grady and Samuel Ferguson helped to develop nationalist sentiment. Russell was also involved in the ” Irish Literary Revival ” or Celtic Twilight artistic movement, that provided an intellectual and artistic aspect supportive of Irish nationalism.

The archetypal work of art that commemorated the Rising, though sculpted five years before the rising, is the statue of the dying mythical warrior Cuchullain , sculpted by Oliver Sheppard , a Protestant art lecturer in Dublin who had been a moderate nationalist for decades. Cast in bronze, it was unveiled at the GPO in The Irish Volunteers were a paramilitary organisation established in by Irish Nationalists and separatists including Roger Casement , Bulmer Hobson and Erskine Childers , all Protestant Irish nationalists although Casement, who had been secretly baptised a Catholic by his mother, officially converted to Catholicism just before he was hanged in The rest of the rifles were shipped by Sir Thomas Myles , at the suggestion of the barrister James Meredith , and were landed at Kilcoole.

Some like the Revd. Robert Hilliard fought in the Spanish Civil War in — Following independence, southern Protestant unionists accepted the new reality and worked with the new Free State from its difficult start in — These included judges such as Lord Glenavy , whose suggestions for a new law courts system was enacted as the Courts Act , and twenty accepted nominations to the new Senate , such as Lord Mayo.

Protestant nationalist converts to Roman Catholicism[ edit ] A number of Protestant nationalists also converted to Catholicism, for a variety of reasons:

The Conservative Protestant Family

It is the second largest city in Ireland, and the largest in Northern Ireland, with almost half a million inhabitants , in the Census. It is the capital city of Northern Ireland, the seat of the new Assembly. It is situated at the southern tip of Belfast Lough, surrounded on the other thre sides by hills and mountains.

Religion was the central focus at Clonmacnoise, but it always had a large lay population and thus looked more like a town than a monastery.

Protestant — why is there so much animosity? This is a simple question with a complicated answer, because there are varying degrees of, and reasons for, animosity between any two religious groups. The battle between Catholics and Protestants is rooted in history. Degrees of reaction have ranged from friendly disagreement as reflected in the numerous ecumenical dialogues produced between the two groups , to outright persecution and murder of Protestants at the hands of Rome.

For the most part, today at least, the animosity comes from basic human nature when dealing with fundamental disagreement over eternal truths. Passions are sure to ignite in the more weighty matters of life, and one’s faith is or at least should be at the top of the heap. Many Protestants think Roman Catholics teach a works-gospel that cannot save, while Roman Catholics think Protestants teach easy-believism that requires nothing more than an emotional outburst brought on by manipulative preaching.

Protestants accuse Catholics of worshipping Mary , and Catholics think Protestants are apparently too dull to understand the distinctions Rome has made in this regard. These caricatures are often difficult to overcome. Behind the particular disagreements over the role of faith and works , the sacraments , the canon of Scripture , the role of the priesthood , prayers to saints , and all the issues surrounding Mary and the Pope , etc.

How one answers the authority question will generally inform all the other issues. But this merely pushes the question back a step.


The national flag is a tricolor of blue, white, and red vertical stripes. The euro replaced the franc as the official currency in The euro is divided into cents. There are coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 euro and 2 euros.

It has faded grandeur and a comfortably worn sense.

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. You should each take time to learn about each other’s faith.

Although Spain ultimately failed in its attempts to save Ireland much less England and the rest of northern Europe from the imposition of a Protestant theology, Spain did provide a society receptive to the self-exiled Irish upper-class and military in which to live.

Let us take an example: You have a letter dated on 19 Frimaire, year 8. What date is this in the Gregorian Calendar? You simply have to add 18 days to the Gregorian date 22 November and this ends up with 10 December Let us say you send a letter from Denmark 11 July and two days later 13 July it is “postmarked” – or at least the Republican day is written on the letter – in France. But what is the French Republican date for 13 July ? Find July in Scheme 5. A question arose if the French Revolutional Calendar had been in use in Lousiana in and on